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Daycare Ferdinand has a maximum amount of 11 childcare places available.
The entrance into Ferdinand is an important life stage for your child. Your child should feel well at the daycare. Parents can be assured that your child is being well taken care of and supported by our care team.

1. Admission

Ferdinand takes care of children from 4 months old until they enter Kindergarten. For pedagogical reasons and to ensure the integration of your child in the group, your child must attend Ferdinand for a minimum of two days a week.

2. Opening times

Ferdinand is open Monday to Friday from 7:15 to 18:45. Ferdinand remains closed between Christmas and New Year, two weeks in the latter part of July, and on public holidays. The day before a public holiday, Ferdinand closes at 16:00. If a “care day” falls on a public holiday, there is no entitlement for additional services on a different day.
In order to keep the activity and resting time free from interruptions, please take note of the following drop off and pick-up times. Exceptions need to be discussed with the group leader.
Drop off time in the morning is between 7:15 and 9:00.
Lunch/resting period is between 11:00 and 14:00.
Pick up time in the evening is between 16:30 and 18:45.
If you decide to pick up your child earlier or later than usual, please inform the group leader. Please make sure you notify us in case a friend or family member picks up your child. The children can not be picked up by any unknown people!

3. Care service

An early childhood educator (Group Leader, English Speaking), a co-educator and an intern are responsible for the children. There are three rooms, a large terrace and a forest about 10 minutes walking distance from Ferdinand.

4. Catering

Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are served at Ferdinand.

5. Presence, absence and holidays

Child support days will be set when registering your child. If your child has to attend additional days, this has to be decided by the daycare head. Please inform the care team of your holidays, but no later than one week in advance.
The Nursery Ferdinand only closed between Christmas and New Year.

6. Sickness and emergencies

Ferdinand can only take care of healthy children. In case your child is sick, please let us know latest by 9:00 of the actual child support day.
Infectious diseases in the family must be reported. Should you bring your child in spite of slight colds, diarrhea, etc. to Ferdinand, then the daycare team decides whether the child should remain or not.
If a child becomes ill during the day we will inform the parents immediately. The ill child must be picked up.
In case of an accident (emergency), the group leader has the right to give the child to immediate medical care or hospital care. In each case, we will immediately notify the parents.

7. Insurance and liability

Parents are obligated to insure their child against accident, sickness and personal liability. The premiums are paid by the parents.
Ferdinand is not liable for items lost or damaged by the child.

8. Change of address

In case of internal and external address and phone changes, please notify Ferdinand immediately.

9. Withdrawal / Termination

The mutual notice period is three months. The notice must be made in written form by the end of month. If you decide to take your child earlier from Ferdinand, you will be charged until the expiration of the notice period. The notice should be addressed to the daycare head.

10. Familiarization phase

Before we confirm the admission, we expect an acclimatization period of 1-4 weeks. Although, this can be individually extended or shortened. The parents should be on-site during this time or at least be available by phone. The familiarization phase is charged with a fixed amount of CHF 320 – separately.

11. Clothing and toys

Your child should be wearing comfortable and practical clothes, which may also get dirty. Please ensure that depending on the season, spare cloths are available.
Underwear, socks, t-shirts, sweaters, pants
Rain gear (rain jacket and boots)
Sun gear (hat, sunglasses, special sunscreen when necessary)
Of course the child is allowed to bring in its own toys. Please keep in mind that Ferdinand is not liable for lost or broken items.

12. Cooperation with parents

An open exchange between parents and Ferdinand is self-evident and transparent. To address the specifics of your child, we need your feedback and information. Please contact the daycare head with specific concerns, may they be of educational or nutritional needs.

13. Various

Occasionally photographs are taken of an activity, game or fieldtrip.
Please make sure you notify the daycare head in case you don’t want your child to be photographed.