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Zweisprachige Institution.

Wir wollen den Kindern helfen, selbständig, beziehungsfähig und selbstbewusst zu werden. Wir sind eine familienergänzende, zweisprachige (Deutsch / Englisch) Institution, die sich zum Ziel setzt, Kindern im Vorschulalter eine anregungsreiche, liebevolle und kontinuierliche Betreuung zu sichern und Eltern die Vereinbarkeit von Elternschaft und Beruf zu ermöglichen.

Naturnahes Umfeld.

Wir bieten den Kindern ein naturnahes Umfeld, in welchem kreative und kognitive Entwicklung, soziales Verhalten, Teamfähigkeit sowie Selbständigkeit grossgeschrieben werden. Wir möchten die kommunikativen und kooperativen Fähigkeiten der Kinder fördern und ihnen beibringen, Konflikte auf faire Art zu lösen.


Family atmosphere.

The family-oriented atmosphere will help children feel content and secure. The care team allows for age-based support of talents, interests and abilities of each individual child. Each child experiences acceptance, affection, understanding and security.

What we offer

It is important for us that the children feel comfortable and safe at the day nursery Ferdinand.
We have established a structured daily routine for the children, so they can orient themselves and feel safe in everyday life.
The pedagogical concept serves as a tool for us educators; it is regularly reviewed and adapted in order to best suit the children’s needs. The concept describes our pedagogical work: children’s rights, our main objectives, principles and daily life with the children.
Our premises are designed to offer sufficient space for the children to experiment, play and retreat to a quiet corner if they want to play alone.

Daily Routine

07:15 Uhr    The day begins! The children arrive at the daycare.

07:45 Uhr    Breakfast is served and the day’s activities are discussed.

08:45 Uhr    Children not participating in the daycare breakfast arrive.

09:15 Uhr    Morning activities and free play. Weather permitting, we will be outside.

11:00 Uhr    Lunch is served to children and staff.

12:00 Uhr    Younger children will brush their teeth, then nap. Older children have an activity.

14:00 Uhr    Afternoon activities. Weather permitting, we will be outside.

15:00 Uhr    Afternoon snack. Weather permitting, we will be outside.

15:30 Uhr    Free play.

16:30 Uhr    Parents arrive to pick up children.

17:00 Uhr    Stories and play hour.

18:30 Uhr   Parents arrive to pick up remaining children. Staff give daily status reports to parents.

Pedagogical concept

The educational framework at the daycare allows for a degree of child independence. However, appropriate rules and boundaries are clearly set and maintained.
Open communication between parents, children and staff creates an atmosphere of connectedness and trust. Should conflicts arise, they are handled in a constructive, respectful manner.

Daily life with the children
In order to make each child feel comfortable, the staff works to create a pleasant, nurturing atmosphere. A blend of individual care and group interaction allows the children to make a variety of experiences and give them the freedom for their personal development. The holistic development of the child is at the heart of our daily activities.
We provide the children with amply time for everyday tasks and routines (dressing, hygiene, etc) and provide help when needed. This is all done in order to develop and improve their personal independency.
Each child is respected as an individual. Everyday life within the nursery allows the children to express their feelings, settle conflicts and experience a host of other important social experiences. We encourage the children to find and develop their personal, physical and emotional skills.
To enable age-appropriate skills, the younger and older children are separated between 9 and 11 a.m.
The premises of the daycare offer ample space for independent, as well as, group play. The children are confronted with different roles and have the opportunity to act them out in their play. We offer a limitless supply of age-appropriate games and toys. In addition, we offer opportunities for rhythmic, linguistic, art and gardening activities.
In addition to these daycare specific activities, the children have numerous opportunities to experience nature. During our time outdoors, the children have the opportunity to observe wildlife and develop imaginative games with natural goods.
The structured daily routine, developed in accordance with the children’s needs, is complemented by festive rituals. Among these are birthdays, seasonal festivities, Saint Nicholas, Christmas and Easter celebrations as well as an “open garden” event. This is where the children can invite anyone they wish and sell home-made products and plants from the garden.

Premises and environment

Daycare Ferdinand is located at Alte Landstrasse 106 in Zollikon, on the ground floor of a residential building.
The premises are 124 m2 and is designed so that the children can play in larger groups as well as on their own. In addition we offer a 77.5 m2 garden space for children to play outdoors in the case of nice weather.
Also there is a forest and green fields within a 10 minute walking distance from Daycare Ferdinand, where children can play and get in touch with nature.